Procedures and Techniques

In plastic surgery, skin tissue tranfering is a really common procedure. Skin grafts may be derived from the donors or recipient. Autografts are being taken from the donor. If deficient or absent of natural tissue, the alternatives could be the cultured sheets of epithelial cells in vitro or in the synthetic compounds like the integra consisting bovine tendon collage and silicone with glycosaminoglycans. Allografts are being taken from a recipient with the same species whereas Xenografts are taken from a recipient with different species.

Commony, great results will be expected from a plastic surgery which emphasizes careful incision planning so that they will fall within the line of natural skin lines or folds. Proper choice of wound closure, the use of best suture materials available and the early elimination of the exposed sutures will allow for the wound to hold in the buried sutures.

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